Ziemek Wojciechowski Foil Coaching Masterclass

Ziemek Wojciechowski - Team GB Olympic Coach
Ziemek Wojciechowski – 2012 Team GB Olympic Coach

Take your foil coaching and fencing performance to the next level with our Summer Foil Coaching and Performance course with by Ziemek Wojciechowski

This coaching and fencing performance course follows our very successful and popular course with Ziemek over the last two Summers and runs from Saturday 19th August to Friday 25th August 2017 for both coaches and fencers.  Sessions will run from 10:00am till 4:00pm each day.

This Summer’s course will follow on from and develop the very successful combination employed last year of combining a focus on developing foil coaching in combination with a hard working fencing performance course/training camp.   The 19th, 20th and 21st of August will be an intense competitive training camp under the supervision of Adam Blight with Husayn Rosowsky assisting and participating in the training.  The aim of this section of the course will be to develop tactical awareness and competitiveness with a range of bouts and competitions incorporating tactical and other exercises, there will also be individual lessons, sessions will begin with warm-ups and footwork and guidance for coaches.  Husayn competed in the 2012 London Olympics, was British Senior Champion in 2011 and Cadet World Championships Bronze medallist in 2008 as well as many other achievements.  In addition to Husayn Adam has coached many successful international fencers and National Champions in a professional career of over 25 years.   Ziemek will be arriving on Tuesday afternoon and from Tuesday afternoon sessions will be under the direction

Husayn Rosowsky in the London Olympics

of Ziemek and there will be a different focus, for fencers there will be footwork, games, S & C, fencing bouts and competitions, and lots of lessons and training from Ziemek and the coaches attending the course. Coaches will receive instruction on a wide range of coaching exercises and practices for individual lessons, group practices, footwork etc. etc. incorporating both practical sessions and some class based sessions incorporating video.  Coaches are advises to have a notebook as there will be a lot of material to absorb and should be aware that Ziemek does not wish video cameras to be used.  As found last year, the big advantage of combining a training camp with a coaching course is that coaches are able to work on exercises with good, capable fencers and very good practical examples of all kinds of coaching activities are given including individual lessons, group bladework, footwork and other exercises, S & C sessions etc. and for fencers this approach proves to be a hard working course covering all areas of the sport, with the addition that fencers can gain an insight from both a fencing and coaches perspective on area such as tactics, technique, psychology etc. etc.

The course will be based at Mount St Mary’s College, Sheffield, Yorkshire S21 3YL.  The college provides good quality accommodation, meals and many other facilities for our course.  Based in the quiet countryside of the Yorkshire/Derbyshire border, this provides a good setting for a hard working  course and a relaxing evening of socialising with other course members either at the college or local country pubs, restaurants etc.  A dinner has been arranged for course members at the Sitwell Arms Restaurant on the Thursday night, this is also open to others from the fencing community, check out Sitwell Arms and Party Menu 2 for details.  If you want to come to our course with your family, perhaps staying in a local hotel, there are many things for families to do, checkout our Around and About Yorkshire and Derbyshire page.

Ziemek and Richard Kruse after achieving 6th place at the 2017 World Championships

Ziemek is one of the world’s most renowned foil coaches with a long and illustrious record of success, currently perhaps most notably as coach to some of the world’s top fencers Richard Kruse, James Davis, Alexander Choupenich as well as many other capable and successful British fencers including Peter Barwell, Alex Lloyd etc. Ziemek continues to develop up and coming talent with his club ZFW Fencing Club. More details of Ziemek’s achievements are set out in – All About Ziemek

Over the period leading up to the course a program will be developed picking up on the interests and themes put forward by those intending to take part.  Get involved! Put forward your ideas through our facebook page for what topics you would like Ziemek to address in this course!

There will be as much flexibility as possible in options for attending this course including –

  • Attending the whole week staying at the college or if preferred a nearby hotel.
  • Attend just one or more days.
  • Traveling on a daily basis to the venue.
Ziemek provides guidance at last year’s course

Some of the email comments from the previous courses –

“Just wanted to say thank you for running another Ziemek masterclass this year. The individual lesson I had with him was very thought provoking (doing sequences of four premeditated actions with a logical tactical progression). If the course in running next year I will be there for sure. I have attached my notes from the first two days again in case they are of any use to you.”

“I thought I would drop you an email and let you know that I think the Masterclass went very well and I know Lucy-Belle and I enjoyed it very much.  We would be very interested in future events.”

“Thanks again for organising last week, it was hugely enjoyable and I think everyone got a lot out of it – I know I certainly did!”

“Just to say thanks very much indeed for organising this. It was a great opportunity, especially as it was North of London! Ed hugely enjoyed his four days and learnt a lot which will improve his fencing going forward. He especially benefited from the one-to-ones with Ziemek (even with the added pressure of working in front of the group!) and also very much from his sessions with Sean over the last couple of days.

Also, the sparring evenings on Monday and Wednesday were fantastic – as I’m sure Judy Rutherford has said to you, we lack a good variety of strong fencers in the East Midlands, so Ed will take any opportunity for a good sparring session.

Thanks again, hope today goes well and if you organise anything similar in the future, Ed will be at the front of the queue!”

“I enjoyed the days I attended, thanks.   You were right, it did address  the “when to finish” problem, and I think I have some exercises to use.”

Prices for different options are set out on the Prices and Application page.


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