Course Program and Activities

Course 2015Sessions will run from 10:00am till 4:00pm each day.  The 19th, 20th and 21st of August will be an intense competitive training camp under the supervision of Adam Blight with Husayn Rosowsky assisting and participating in the training.  The aim of this section of the course will be to develop tactical awareness and competitiveness with a range of bouts and competitions incorporating tactical and other exercises, there will also be individual lessons, sessions will begin with warm-ups and footwork and guidance for coaches.  The morning and afternoon sessions will begin with a warm up and footwork session followed by structured sessions using electric equipment incorporating tactical exercises, different competitive exercises and competitions, fencers will have the opportunity to receive lessons and coaches will have the opportunity to exchange ideas, work with fencers and Adam will be able to offer help and instruction to coaches as required.  When Ziemek arrives on Tuesday afternoon, the coaching elements of the course will be developed further and each day will have it’s own individual focus.  Activities for coaches will include – demonstrations of all sorts of group activities, demonstration and practice of exercises for individual lessons, class based sessions using video examples etc.  For fencers on the course there will be group games, S & C activities, footwork sessions, lots of individual lessons, fencing on the electric with themed bouts etc.  There will also be opportunities for developing coaching activities and practice outside of the timetabled activities and those on the course will be able to attend club sessions on Monday and Wednesday.  Some themes covered in previous courses are listed here:-

  1. Principles of Ziemek’s coaching philosophy
  2. Goals in fencing
  3. Material for individual lesson
  4. Tactics in foil
  5. Strip coaching during training and competition
  6. Preparing for best performance individually and in team events
  7. Questions of psychological preparation
  8. Footwork training for beginners,intermediate and advance
  9. Training methods and exercises for group lesson
  10. Exercises in pairs
  11. Example of syllabus for first 10 weeks
  12. Performance analysis
  13. Themed fencing bouts
  14. Many others



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