Ziemek-Masterclass in August 2015

Our coaching course with Ziemek Wojciechowski during August 2015 was a great success.  All the coaches and fencers attending got a great amount from the course, hard work and sometimes intense but also enjoyable and inspiring.  The course included practical coaching sessions covering material for lessons, warm up and footwork training, lectures accompanied by video, which often opened out into some very interesting discussions, in addition to the insights and knowledge passed on from Ziemek the many experienced coaches present had much to contribute to the discussions.  In addition to the timetabled course activities, coaches and fencers attended Mount St Mary’s Fencing Club on Monday, Sheffield Buccaneers Fencing Club on Wednesday and we all went for a meal at the nearby Sitwell Arms on Thursday.  Here are photos from the course and a video compilation of photos from the course.


The practical session begins on day one after a morning lecture


Many fencers attended so that coached would have a pupil to work with


 20150824_155211  20150824_155218

Kate and Phoebe discuss the exercise with Ziemek


Ziemek with Ed Howlett demonstrating the next exercise




Day one of the course over


Ziemek gives Morgan a lesson


Ziemek gives Ayman a lesson


Mount St Mary’s Fencing Club on Monday night



Footwork and warm-up routines are demonstrated at the beginning of practical sessions, some of the coaches watched and took notes, some joined in with the fencers!!

 20150825_143041  20150825_150634

Ziemek gives Lucy-Belle a lesson




Ziemek with Alex Lim demonstrates the next exercise




 20150825_162852  20150825_162856

Watching and analysing some fencing bouts. Ziemek’s insights and knowledge are invaluable


Dinner time!!



Roast pork today



Some fencers choose to sit at a different table to the coaches…….a chance for a break maybe?

 Having Lunch - Course 2015

A very welcome break for lunch



 20150826_140947  20150826_140144

Mark Kent assists Ziemek in demonstrating an exercise





Nice lunge! Ziemek and Alex Jones


Adam and Ayman put in the practice

 20150826_163608  20150826_163723

Plenty of chance to discuss the exercises

 20150826_163732  20150826_195218

Wednesday night at Sheffield Buccaneers Fencing Club, Ziemek, very generously, offers to give lessons, starting with Emma Kurtis


Fencing parents looking happy to be at the club


A general view of the club


Luke gets a lesson from Adam



 20150826_195428  20150826_195549
 20150826_195804  20150826_200240

Ellie gets a lesson from Helen Solly and Sean Walton coaches Lucy-Belle




Nathan Doherty (2015 British Under 18 Foil Champion) has the chance for a lesson from Ziemek



 20150826_203811  20150826_203941

David Alexander still going strong whilst Alex Lim rests his legs




Ziemek and Alex Lloyd demonstrating lessons in chairs. good for fencers during injury




 20150827_125006  20150827_124958

Various exercises and stretches


Now THAT’S how to do the plank!


Assisted stretches


Another good core stability exercise

 20150827_143455  20150827_143804
 20150827_144035  20150827_144250

Having Ziemek’s pupil Alex Lloyd makes for great demos



 20150827_162002  20150827_162012
 20150827_162015  20150827_162018
 20150827_162029  20150828_121028
 20150828_140916  20150828_140958

Ziemek gets Sean to help with his demonstration


Ready to walk to the Sitwell Arms for a meal on Thursday


All getting hot and sweaty now


The last session nearly done


Also, a copy of my notes of the content of the 2015 course can be got here – Ziemek-Masterclass 2015 Course Notes – Adam Blight