Ziemek-Masterclass in August 2016

On the 2016 course with Ziemek had just returned from the Rio Olympics where Richard Kruse and the British Team had performed brilliantly. We found we had more fencers than coaches on most days and Ziemek designed a program which combined a challenging fencing performance course along side a coach education course.  This worked very well and was stimulating for both coaches and fencers. Sessions involved – warm up games and activities, footwork exercises, S & C sessions, group bladework sessions, individual lesson exercises, bouts on the box with a variety of themed bouts and different competition formats, class based sessions using video and looking at tactics and also going over video of Olympic bouts and getting an inside view of what was happening.


Some reaction exercises

Assisted stretches

Footwork based games

Demonstrating an individual lesson excercise

Ziemek discusses the exercise with David and Olga

Afternoon competition

James Page verses David Alexander

Ziemek and Ethan Daykin

Ethan Daykin practices the exercise with Adam Blight

Ziemek with William Lonsdale

David Alexander verses Alex Lloyd

Ziemek isn’t strangling Alex!!!! no, it’s another assisted stretch

Assisted stretch with Ethan and Phoebe

Alex Jones

Tom Corlett helps with Ziemek’s demonstration

Putting a bit more pressure on footwork

Ziemek with Alex Lloyd

Some intense running based excercises

And also jumping based exercises

The plank

Timed interval runs with David

Ziemek with Ed Howlett

Out for a meal on Thursday at the Sitwell Arms

A lesson with Alex Lloyd

Practice on a chair

but the coach can move

Ziemek and Adam